The North Borneo Railway Schedule

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The North Borneo Railway Schedule

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The North Borneo Railway is operated by Sutera Harbour Resort.

All Information taken from official website
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The North Borneo Railway runs two weekly return departures (Wednesday, Saturday) from Kota Kinabalu to Papar, year round.

Itinerary :

9.30 am                    
Boarding at Tanjung Aru Station - Breakfast is provided

10.00 am
Depart from Tanjung Aru Station for Papar

10.40 am
Stop at Kinarut Town - visit Tien Shi Temple or traditional shops

11.00 am
Depart from Kinarut Station

11.45 am
Arrive in Papar Town - visit local wet market and shops

12.20 pm
Re-board train for return journey

12.30 pm
Depart from Papar Station for Tanjung Aru

12.40 pm
'Tiffin' Lunch onboard

1.40 pm
Arrive at Tanjung Aru Station

North Borneo Railway Pricing Information
The steam train runs every Wednesday and Saturday and is priced at:

    RM 290.00nett for adults
    RM 185.00nett for children between the ages of 3 to 12.
    Complimentary for children below 2 years old.

The Route
The North Borneo Railway runs 36 miles between Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah, and Papar, an agricultural town, known as the rice bowl of Sabah.

Tanjung Aru

Passengers board the train at Tanjung Aru Station at the designated platform. At the station, passengers are greeted by well-appointed train stewards. They receive their train passport and boarding pass at the counter and proceed to the platform. As the whistle blows during departure time, the train will commence its journey while passengers are pampered by the train stewards and treated to some of the unique and interesting sceneries in Sabah.


As the train pulls out of the station, the development of Kota Kinabalu begins to slip away. Time and history begin to take over. After Putatan, the train veers into the countryside, away from the modern day trapping of Sabah society. The train hugs the coast of Lokawi Bay and offer passengers an opportunity to take in the picturesque view of the South China Sea.


The train then leaves the road and edges towards Kinarut, a traditional trading village. A school stands proudly in the forefront, reminding everyone of the importance of education. A mosque also stands near the station, highlighting the influence of the national religion. An interesting Buddhist temple appears at the foot of the nearby hill.


After Kinarut, the train passes through Kawang, home to Kawang Forest Reserve. Gazetted as a Second Class Domestic Forest Reserve, its main purpose is to supply clean water for locals in the Vicinity. The centre also offers a myriad of activities from jungle trekking, camping to cave exploration.


The train veers again and crosses the Papar River over a steel trestle bridge as Papar town comes into view. A quaint township, Papar is wedged in the valley between the Crocker Range and the coast. Here, everyone is a neighbour and the intimacy is clear with their dispositions and smiles. The local market or Tamu is a reflection of life in Sabah - simple and alive with the sounds and smells of recurrent daily routines.

For Inquiries :

North Borneo Railway
The Magellan Sutera Resort
Level 2,1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard,
Sutera Harbour,
88100 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia

Tel : +60 88 308 500
Fax : +60 88 311 136

Email :